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“What seems impossible today becomes your warm up”

Wellness for Performance & Energy

Olympian & 2  times world champion Boxer - Sakio Bika

Leading Clinical Psycologist - Wendy Neil

Workplace Wellness Coaches –15years+ experience

Global Doctor Jason Pang quote

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Maximise your Profits through your most valuable asset – human capital.


We know that post Covid people need to feel connected, healthy and feel that they can return to "normal". Our elite team of leaders in their field, celebrities and world-class coaches will work with your organisation to ensure your staff experience optimal health and wellness.



Completion Certificate & Receive A Free E-book

Day 1

Audit & KPI goal setting

  • Comprehensive Health Audit 

  • Personality, Fitness, Posture, emotional state, financial  

  • Set tailored achievable goals

Day 4

Fun Facts and Statistics

  • Doctor scientific facts why it is important to stay fit and healthy mentally and physically. ABS, stats and fun facts. 

  • Compelling reasons WHY we must maintain our human health and meet our human needs.

Day 2

Physical Coaching

  • Olympian & 2 times World Champion Boxer tips on

  • Motivation, Basic fitness, Boxing/self defence and healthy eating tips.

Day 5

Wellness and Connection

  • "5 to Thrive" hacks on wellness and connection. Self Actualisation.     

  • Connect Mind/Body/Self, connect relationships, connect community, environment/planet, social. 

Day 3

Mindset Coaching

  • Leading Clinical Psychologist interviewed answering all the    questions we need to know about resilience, pre and post consciousness, stress/anxiety/depression coping tools.

  • Why mindset is even more important to rewire your neuro- transmitters and internal dialog for success. 

Day 6


  • All 5 days integrated into a Schedule, accountability and ongoing support.

  • Final assessments & monitoring check-in results.


FREE E-book & Webinar.

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“Understand what is clean now, might not be healthy. Big difference, really well. Not healthy. Test. See what is there. Do you need more. Or are you perfectly fine. Preventative and early detection is the Key” QUOTE by Dr Jason Pang – Global Presenter and Integrative Lazer Denist

You’ll learn how to:

  • Maintain energy all day

  • Decrease body fat

  • Spot dietary myths

  • Build your immune & Create Healthier Lifestyle

  • Healthy Habits at Home & Dinner out

  • Tips for feeding yourself /& a family

  • Eat for high performance/ busy people

  • Write a new Practical Food Plan 

Executive Performance Nutrition Record (7-days)

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North Sydney, NSW, Australia

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